meet your maker

My name is Richard Silc and I started my maker career with one thing in mind, to let my work make the world a more delightful place.

I can mind-meld your hallucinations and flip my interpretations into art, representing a cool visual piece and vibe in clever and memorable ways. I take pride in unique designs, creative concepts and adventurous relationships with my clients.

I was born on the banks of the beautiful Illinois Sanitary and Ship Canal across from the Joliet Iron and Steel works mill.  Later in life I was trained at the Manama Institute of Technology (MIT) , with graduate work in Arizona and North Carolina. My hands on experience ranges from artisanal metal worker in Bandar Abbas to shipbreaker on the Bay of Bengal.  I have now mutated into a visionary with a love for building cool stuff and crafting stories for users. Let me make you something soon.